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Guns and Hoses

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********** SATURDAY… JANUARY 25, 2014……. 40 YEARS **********

Dear Pig Bowl Patrons,

Again, we are planning for the BIG PIG BOWL FOOTBALL GAME and the 40th year celebration!!!! GUNS & HOSES 12th Anniversary Game!!! We honor our Law Enforcement and Firefighter heroes and all of the Friends of the Charities who give comfort daily to children in need.

As you know the Sacramento Pig Bowl is the longest-running Charity football game of its kind across the nation. Our Law Enforcement and Firefighters teams play the game for one reason and one reason only... for all of the children and families who need our financial help.

All of the yearly events are presented to insure that a huge majority of the children in our community are provided with food, clothing, education, medical and homes to live in when their lives have fallen apart at no fault of their own.

We know the financial situation is very difficult at this time for many of you who have always bought advertisements in the program/yearbook or given donations. The Charities count on the Pig Bowl/Guns & Hoses committee members and volunteers to successfully give them assistance so they are able to carry on with their great works.

This year is a difficult time for the Law and Fire player's careers too, but they are determined to play the game and bring in funds to support our always-expanding list of charities.


Sue Paulson
Advertising Chairman

Directors: Captain, Jim Cooper SCDS and Joe H. Pick, SMFD Firefighter/Paramedic

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