Historical Pig Bowl Game PictureHistorical Pig Bowl Game PictureHistorical Pig Bowl Game PictureHistorical Pig Bowl Game PictureHistorical Pig Bowl Game PictureHistorical Pig Bowl Game PictureHistorical Pig Bowl Game PictureHistorical Pig Bowl Game Picture
1974 *** 2016
42nd Anniversary

The goals and agendas of the Sacramento Pig Bowl Association - Guns & Hoses has given them a unique status across the nation….and longevity never matched by any like-group for 41 years.  The local law enforcement and fire fighter members have sustained this historical honor for their achievements.

The all-volunteer Pig Bowl/Guns & Hoses committee members give assistance to honored charities who work day and night to help citizens monetarily and physically throughout the Sacramento Valley and neighboring cities and counties.

In every town and neighborhood you will see monuments to fallen law enforcement officers and fire fighters who gave their lives in the line of duty. But everyday of every year these lives are honored because a family, a child, or a neighborhood is helped to have shelter, food and clothing.

When the Sacramento Area Law Enforcement Chaplaincy and Sacramento Area Fire Fighters Chaplaincy arrive on the scene of sadness, the victims will be helped beyond measure. When faces smile on the downtown holiday Santa Parade or the Sheriff's Toy Project arrives at the door we are honoring our fallen heroes.

It all began as a friendly football game on a cold day in January 1974 and grew to an event attended by over 32,000 fans. This game started a nationwide craze of pitting law enforcement and/or fire departments against each other on the gridiron. Credit for this unique event goes to a handful of officers back in the early 1970's. Good-natured badgering resulted in a fun and a fundraising game that has survived to this day. " PIG " was a derogatory name given to law enforcement back in the seventies, but was turned into a motto standing for Pride * Integrity * Guts, thus the PIG BOWL was born and the only game and organization of its kind to have stood the test of time.

When the committee was formed a community school contest was held to pick the team's names. The Police Department's team became the BACON BOMBERS and the Sheriff's Department team became the RAZORBACKS. The game is a family oriented event featuring pre-game and half time entertainment. The Pig Bowl remains the single most popular charity competition in the history of Sacramento and the only law enforcement agencies to play 40 consecutive games.

Other traditions have evolved from the original game including tailgate parties, rib-eating contests, player's breakfasts, golf tournaments, a wine festival and canned food drives during the holidays and at the game to help families in need. The Kickoff Crab Feed is one of the most attended crab feeds in the area. The HOGS and DOGS Cheerleader (adult and junior) SQUADS give their time and energy and work at every function entertaining the crowds and to assure that all raffles and prize presentations run smoothly.

Merchandise of hats, t-shirts and sweatshirts the PIG BOWL has for sale to the public each year is a status symbol throughout the Valley... it tells fans we care about our causes and want them to care too and support our charities. This is a way to give great gifts to family and friends and may be ordered on our web site www.pigbowl.com.

Fourteen years ago a
was introduced!

PIG BOWL Present: GUNS & HOSES!!!!

The game pits law enforcement *HOGS* against the fire service *DOGS*. Players, whose day jobs provide protection for the people of our community practice in the cold mornings, put up with the aches and pains of getting into "football" shape in hopes that the public turns out for this fantastic event and raise money for local non profits. The 42nd game will be played at University of Sacramento- Sac State.

Proceeds are shared with many area charitable groups including VIVA-Volunteers In Victims Assistance, WIND Youth Services, Sacramento Sheriff's Toy Project, FEAT-Families in Early Autism Treatment, Firefighters Burn Institute, Sacramento Law Enforcement Chaplaincy, Sacramento Area Fire Fighters Chaplaincy, Sacramento County Sheriff Explorer Program, Sacramento City Fire Reserve Program, . Over the years donations have been given to the American River College Fire Science Scholarship, Bill Bean Scholarship ** Sacramento City College and California State University Scholarship.

Join the family fun and enjoy a great football game. Show your support for the greater Sacramento Fire and Law and make a difference in our community.



The Pig Bowl/Guns & Hoses Committee



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